An outing

Painting and bagels

This week I went to the Met for the first time in a long time. At 11 on a weekday morning, it felt like we were there for a private tour, and I took stops to sketch and read. There were sunset gradients, patterns from ancient Egypt, soft blues and bright greens. There were also Kent Monkman’s mistikôsiwak (Wooden Boat People). The two larger-than-life paintings are worth a visit themselves.

Back in Brooklyn I worked on this little master study of Horace Pippin’s 1945 painting Victorian Interior I. I love the objects on the table (knitting, a pipe) that Pippin included to suggest that the room’s occupants might return at any moment.

My food recommendation this week is Tal Bagel on 83rd Street, which is the best place to eat when you go to the Met or the Guggenheim. A bagel and lox spread, at $6, is one of the best bargains I’ve found on the Upper East Side, and it’s one of my favorite bagels anywhere. Go for breakfast, then take a break and go back for matzo ball soup and a black and white cookie at lunchtime.

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