Apple pie and postcards

Plus: Pyrex


As New York gets back into hunker-down mode, I’m embracing indoor activities (and ordering warm leggings for cold walks). There are prints to make, postcards to write, and pie to bake. Today I’m going for apple slab pie, the pie for people who love crust. Slab pie is more of a bar (traybake to GBBS fans/the UK), made in a jellyroll pan so that the filling is a thinner layer and each slice has two thick pieces of crust. It’s tasty with any kind of fruit filling, easy to pack for a late-season picnic, and you know, it’s pie. I like this recipe, sans glaze.


I’m finding linocut inspiration in the NYPL’s collection of vintage New York City postcards and this library of Pyrex patterns. I love the challenge of fitting a lot of visual information into a small space, but sometimes a reminder that a 4x6” piece of paper or the couple of inches wrapping around a bowl really are enough room is helpful.