Bodega bouquets

I don’t usually gravitate towards flowers, but this winter, maybe as an extension of my deli sign research, I’m going all in for the flowers you can find outside of bodegas around the city.

For the same price as an egg and cheese sandwich, you can pick up a small bunch in cheerful colors without the hassle or the price tag of going to a florist. It’s an everyday treat.

This week I picked up a couple of bunches to use as reference for a painting. I’m especially drawn to the dyed ones, usually in purples and blues, that come encased in little spheres of styrofoam mesh. I also used the flowers as subjects for testing out our new studio lighting and digital camera setup. I collect vintage film cameras, but I’ve historically stuck to my phone for digital photo needs. Now I’m slowly adding more 21st century technology to my wheelhouse. Below, a few collaged photos from yesterday’s shoot.

Here are a few other New Yorkers appreciating the deli flower:

Stay tuned for floral acrylic paintings! In the meantime, send me your favorite ways to make cheap, funky, or bright bouquets.

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