And pretzels

This week I drove to Philadelphia to eat my first cheesesteak sandwich. New York has a lot of things (including an outpost of the well-known Tony Luke’s), but it can’t claim the cheesesteak as its own. In need of a change of scenery and something cheesy, I made the trek.

The sandwich did not disappoint. It was drippy with meat-cheese-onion juice and the bread was soft on the inside, crispy on the outside. I just checked to see if the Brooklyn Tony Luke’s delivers to my apartment (it does). I may be hooked.

Philadelphia is also home to a soft pretzel squishier in shape and texture than your average cart or concession pretzel. If you make it to Philly before mid-morning, when the pretzel bakeries close, you can snag one that’s just come out of the oven for 50 cents. It’s extra-chewy, best served with a pump of mustard.

Thanks to Philly for a cheesy, bread-y day.

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