Cool stuff

An update!

It’s been a bit! After a year of weekly-ish Recipe Swap emails, I’m switching it up. Going forward, this newsletter will be updates from my studio and they’ll come to your inbox whenever I have something to share.

Today the big news is a feature (on me!) in, a weekly newsletter about goings on in New York City. I was interviewed by Becca Stickler, whose own newsletter, Read Something Queer, is also excellent. Now that I have been deemed cool in NYC I have accomplished all of my goals and will go relax on the beach for the summer.

Ha! Kidding.

I’m packing for a residency in Montana, working out a solution for the broken 400-lb Riso machine in my bedroom, and looking into moving my studio out of my apartment and into, well, a studio! But I am also going to the beach, painting, and enjoying the celebratory mood of a re-opening city.

Thank you to everyone who purchased a painting from my Instagram sale last week. If you missed it, you can always keep up with my shop here or get in touch about a commission.

Talk soon!