Couches, delis, and udon

Comfort for the new year

So far in 2021 I’ve been finding inspiration in acrylic paint and couches. It’s partly that I find a lot of inspiration from places like Zillow and Craigslist, where furnished rooms show up in lived-in disarray, and partly that I was on the hunt for a new couch this week. There are so many beautiful couches out there that just won’t fit in my apartment, so I screenshot and put them in drawings or paintings or prints. Below, a Craigslist find that didn’t make the cut, rendered in paint

Going on

One of the last projects I did in 2020 was designing a sweatshirt to support fundraising efforts at Bed Stuy Strong. I took inspiration from one of my favorite neighborhood institutions, the deli, to make a wreath festooned with coffee cups, sandwiches, and snacks. I love delis for their convenience, for their signs, and for the way a deli’s personality (who works there, what one can buy, the softness of the scramble on an egg sandwich…) can make a block feel like home.

I’m really excited about these, and if you want to wear your snacks on your sleeve (well, the front of your shirt), you can pick one up here.


For lunch the other day I made Meera Sodha’s Breakfast at Shuko’s, a super-easy, super-satisfying dish of udon noodles, egg, and soy. It’s based on a dish at Koya, a London restaurant run by Shuko Oda and apparently serving some of the best udon outside of Japan. Fortunately this recipe calls for regular udon you can buy in the refrigerator section at the grocery store, and the only other ingredients are egg, soy sauce, and nori. I also added a little grated parmesan cheese because it’s a little bit like carbonara.

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