Love a long walk pt. 2

Cake and ice cream


Still walking, still stopping for good snacks. On this 14-miler: over Manhattan Bridge to Mei Lai Wah for rice roll and a pork bun to eat at the park around the corner. Then to Ortuzar Projects to see paintings by William Scott for a dose of utopian sci-fi, including spaceships, celebrities, and city scenes over the backdrop of some really nice blues. Once you’re in Tribeca you might as well go all the way over to the water, so next was a stop to sit on the pier. Ice and Vice wasn’t exactly on the way back to the bridge, but close enough. We’re lucky to be experiencing an extended outdoor ice cream-eating season in New York.

Both Ice and Vice and 88 Lan Zhou are closing for good next week, so if you need me I’ll be on the Lower East Side.

Going on

Something sweet for sour times! Last week I mailed a few of these cake prints to Box Mobile Gallery in Asheville, North Carolina. The gallery is in a 90s VW van, and the cakes will be part of its inaugural show.

If you’re not in Asheville, cake prints are also up on my shop. They’re 8.5 x 8.5” original linocut prints in red ink on pink 67 lb. bristol.