More sandwiches

What started with a cheesesteak has become an all-out sandwich tour. After our stop at Tony Luke’s in Philadelphia, there was a bahn mi for the drive home. Last week was Di An Di’s vegetarian báhn mì with cheesy aioli and a fried egg, eaten at McCarren Park. Then a trip to Tortas Morelos in Bay Ridge, and finally a Cuban sandwich from down the street at Pilar. This morning I picked up bagels, but does it count as a sandwich if cream cheese is the only topping?

This torta, with cecina, longaniza, avocado, mayo, cheese, and tomato gets big points for being extra saucy. Tortas Morelos is also great for being a short walk from Owl’s Head Park, where you can sit and eat your sandwich with a view of the New York Bay. Now accepting recommendations for New York sandwiches and closest parks for picnicking.

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