Quick breakfasts

and September shows


I’m thinking about the list of places I’ve hurriedly stopped in on my way to work in New York now that work and public life are a bit different. I love the respite of an unplanned treat when life feels rushed or overwhelming. Here are a few old favorites:

The deli below my first apartment, just for a coffee, at 6 am before I took the train to Manhattan to start my shift at a cafe. Even though I had as much coffee as I wanted at work, without the deli stop it would be 9:00 before I could grab a cup for myself. A chat with the deli owner before a hectic commute made those mornings cozier.

If I transferred at Atlantic and the D express to Grand Street wasn’t showing up, I would take the N to Canal and walk through Chinatown to work. Double Crispy Bakery’s piglet bread was a favorite breakfast: chewy dough baked in a crescent shape with sesame seeds on top. Decadent days called for the addition of an egg tart and maybe a second cup of coffee.

Lovely Day’s pineapple fried rice was good for scarfing down between double shifts at a restaurant. Running out to pick it up and scurrying back to eat before the crush of happy hour crowds gave me a sweet taste of the outside world.

Working at an office in Dumbo, I usually walked the several miles there instead of cramming onto a rush hour subway. On days that called for a pick-me-up before 10 am, I’d stop at Pilar, the Cuban bakery in my neighborhood. I would plan to order one plantain, egg, & cheese empanada, but by the time I started walking I was always hungry for two.

What are (or were) your pre-work go-to spots?


As New York’s infection rate stays low and I cautiously peek into the world, I’m making a list of gallery shows to see in person in September. This seems wild, but I’m readying my bike and sneakers and face mask.

Happy Hardcore, a group exhibit at Miriam Gallery in Williamsburg

July 30 – September 6

William Scott: It's A Beautiful Day Outside at Ortuzar Projects in TriBeCa

August 20 – September 26

Fair Vanity, a group exhibit at Summertime Gallery in Williamsburg

September 12 – November 7

Room for Salivation, Crys Yin at A.I.R. Gallery in Dumbo

September 12 - October 11

World War Me, Gina Beavers’ solo show at Miraianne Boesky Gallery in Chelsea

Starts September 15

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