Something from New York

I’m usually headed to California this time of year, where I look forward to lazy, sunny days and plenty of cheese and cookies. This year I’m sticking to New York, where I’m appreciating things like catching a whiff of caramelized nuts walking down the street, the protection of a pair of Docs on a slushy sidewalk, and the convenience of a deli sandwich.

I hope your week is bright and restful however you’re spending it!


This week’s recipe is a simple cue from my mom, who puts a dash of cinnamon in her coffee grounds every morning. Apologies to my coffee world friends who I’m sure would not dream of flavoring their grounds, but incorporating baking spices into your morning routine really makes life festive and cozy.

Going on

Betty Art Book Fair is up until 11:59 EST tonight! In addition to Recipe Swap’s table, there are a bunch of great artists selling prints, zines, totes, and more. Here are some of my favorites.

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